Maclean’s and Winnipeg Racism

The prompting for this blog, was Manitoba Tory leader, Brian Pallister’s chime in and rejection of Maclean’s article about Winnipeg being the most racist of Canadian cities, ( WFP, A10,  January 24, 2015) Not his experience…he says! How would he know? Not exactly related, but it goes to the voracity of one of his more infamous  public comments….this is the same Brian Pallister that remarked on December 2, 2013 …”wishing all you infidel atheists” (happy holidays).  In todays article he ends by saying he will be proposing some solutions to the problem, (racism I presume, though he never mentions it) closer to the next provincial election, some 15 months from now. How convenient and enlightening! I would also presume he will have Gord Steeves head up this task force?

Whether Maclean’s was correct in their conclusion is hardly the point. That three dozen local leaders from various backgrounds, (not Pallister or Steeves) came together with Mayor Brian Bowman on Thursday, January 22, 2014,  committing to finding some solutions….is the point.

When people make reactionary negative comments about obvious events in front of their faces and use derogatory language to categorize others….they will never be part of the solution. They are only part of the problem.

Ford Bros. Tragedy

I have been waiting for the gong show in Toronto to slow down or stop before commenting about the Ford brothers, and ongoing antics…..however it appears that it will not be ending  anytime too soon. I may as well jump in.  Clearly Rob Ford was showing all the indicators of someone with profound societal and physiological issues, brought on by the chemical warfare going on in his body.  His biggest obstacle in dealing with these issues had been his denial.

The latest instalment of this saga, he and brother Doug trade places on the mayoralty ballot….Doug loses his bid for the top job in Toronto and Rob is back on council. Now with the big “C” to deal with, Rob has taken a back seat to deal with this new health concern in his life.

My wish is that he would find what is required to get well in all facets of his life. This is a sad story. You couldn’t make this up and it reads like a soap.

It is easy to be snide and throw trash at the Ford brothers, but the sad reality is,  that it is a tragedy. I doubt that either of their families are finding this all that funny.  The person of main concern here is Rob Ford. He has been and continues to be supported, (good) and enabled, (not so good)  by his brother Doug. The whole of Canada is somewhat dismayed and embarrassed by the public spectacle of what has been going on. And yet, here is the ultimate tragedy of it all……neither of these Ford brothers seem to care.

One can only hope that at some point someone with collateral in their lives will be able to say, “Stop!” At this point, there doesn’t appear to be anyone in either family willing or able to be that person.

Do individuals or groups have a right to not be offended?

This is a topic, very hot in the news today, but I rather doubt a new issue for some. The radicalization of certain Muslims has been, (in part) brought about by just that premise, of being offended. Some may disagree, for sure, but the whole notion of understanding those being offended is that it is not for the offender to decide what is offensive or not. I would suggest that they, (offenders) might do well to listen to what those feeling offended are saying and act accordingly.

In the West, we tend to be more tolerant of ridicule heaped on our heads, for our ethnic origins or religious leanings. We may not like what is being said, but for the most part we don’t  take out a hit on those perpetrating the offence. That notion of our (somewhat misguided tolerance) clearly does not give us the right to, in effect attempt to sway or change the thoughts of (in this case) those of the Muslim faith to our feeling on these topics. There is not a one size fits all, when it comes to feelings of offence regarding faith or ethnicity. The same standards of expression do not apply to all.

I agree, that those of Islam that have become radicalized and seeking jihad to those in the West have gone beyond what normal civilization would or should accept. Even the more moderate Muslims are condemning the current actions of those radicals. But they don’t feel any less offended and  in many cases they feel completely marginalized.

We owe it to them to show some empathy with those feelings and adjust our rhetoric accordingly.  It does beg for a solution for the future and though I’m not sure where or what that might entail,  a good start might be to stop doing the obvious.

Freedom of Expression (or speech) is not carte blanche without responsibility, (and unfortunately as of recent, severe consequences). I have even heard some prominent journalists remark that it’s fun to characterize others, and if it offends, tough! I don’t really get the point of that, but with the freedom we have, I hope I don’t sound too hypocritical , but I do defend that right. However, when it no longer seems like  true satire, or is totally offensive to others, where is the accountability and responsibility? What is it then?  It is becoming at minimum hate speech and at maximum racist when we continually poke our finger in the eye of the offended and refuse to let up. The point that the (in this case) satirist was trying to invoke upon the public becomes totally offensive without principle and actually becomes lost to the majority.  In my view.

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Robert Latimer Free on Day Parole

It was bound to happen, Latimer out on day parole. There isn’t too much more to be said about this sad situation, but it does warrant just a few comments about what has occurred here.

Robert Latimer did murder his 12 year old daughter Tracy, who suffered from a severe form of cerebral palsy. He did plan it for several weeks in advance and did carry it out when his wife and other children were at church, by asphyxiation. His wife did not know about it or that it was about to happen. He denied his crime originally and later confessed, when he miscalculated that an autopsy would likely indicate that something other then what he said happened may be discovered. He was originally charged with first degree murder, that was later reduced to second degree and sentenced to life in prison.

Since the confession, he has been consistent in his belief that he did it because of the pain and suffering she was going through. Latimer feels absolutely no remorse and does not acknowledge that he has done anything wrong.

Now for the great irony of this, which epitomises the great freedom and liberty we all enjoy….Latimer has requested, (and it has been granted) to be placed in a half-way house in the Ottawa region, so he can lobby for the rights of others such as himself to be able to do what he did with impunity.

This is best summed up with a quote from an Editorial of the Winnipeg Free Press, February 29, 2008: A Line Crossed, (last paragraph),

Giving Mr. Latimer parole trivializes the enormity of his crime. It is a disservice not just to the disabled, but to all Canadians and an ugly redefinition of the nature of our society, raising the prospect that the line that separates sympathy and empathy has been crossed“.

RCN Web Pages…other stuff

First off, I want to thank all my matelot chums who have contributed to my RCN web pages. It just wouldn’t be the same without your input. My own collection of stuff would get boring after awhile, so regular input is great. Thanks so much…

Well I guess we have history in the making South of the 49th. I don’t think there’s much doubt that it will likely be a Democratic President, so either a Clinton or Obama. You may note I said “a” Clinton. That wasn’t a typo…I’m sure you get my drift. I don’t know about you, but when I say “Obama” I have to think whether I’m saying his first name or last name…

We wait up here in the frozen tundra with great anticipation for the results. Looks like McCain will be the Republican nominee. The issues will be many and certainly US forign policy and the war are the ones that affects us all, globally. Not withstanding, US economy, which seems to be in the tank just now….

I think health care will be a biggy for US folks. I just can’t understand why they have believed all the BS about single payer, government systems. The health care lobby is so powerful. The candidates are really just dancing around the health care issues and their personal solution. What it looks like on this side of the border, is that they are trying to make sure they don’t piss anybody off and still appear to have a solution….nice dance , but without the right music it’s just noise and extraneous movement.

It boggles the mind.

Thats about it for now…..

Robert W. Latimer

I hesitate on many fronts to weigh in on this case, but there is such a diversity of opinion across the country, I’m hoping I can find a common ground.

Briefly for those not aware of this case, Robert Latimer was charged with 1st degree murder of his 12 year old severely handicapped daughter Tracy Latimer. He was eventually convicted of 2nd degree murder after two trials and two appeals. The manditory minimum time to be served before eligibility for parole is ten years. Tracy had cerebral palsy and a severe mental disability and functioned at the level of about a 3-4 month old. There was little doubt of the pain and suffering she was enduring, but for reasons not that clear, she could not be treated with pain medication stronger then Tylenol.

On or about October 12, 1993, Robert Latimer made plans to kill his daughter by placing her in his truck and piping carbon monoxide into the cab. On October 24, 1993 he carried out his plan. He later carried Tracy’s lifeless body into her bedroom and placed her in bed. His wife Laura and other children were at church during this time. When they came home, Laura found Tracy and realized something was wrong. They called the RCMP and Latimer told the RCMP that he had put her to bed about noon and she must have died shortly after that. When confronted with the possibility of an autopsy, Latimer said he wanted her cremated. Eventually both he and wife Laura indicated they wanted her cremated.

After the toxicology reports indicated a presence of carbon monoxide, Robert Latimer finally confessed to killing Tracy and then moving her to the bedroom.

Those are the brief facts. There is much more on the internet, you just have to google “Robert Latimer” and you can get it all. There are numerous opinions and views on the subject, as well as Latimer’s own web site. I urge you to read all you can tolerate, both pro and con.

This whole thing became news again December 5, 2007, when Latimer was refused day parole after serving 7 years of the minimum 10 years before he could be considered for any type of parole, (remember, this is a life sentence, 25 years).

Robert Latimer has always professed that he did the right thing in taking Tracy’s life and has never expressed any remorse or feelings of guilt what so ever. He has repeatedly stated that he did nothing wrong. I think in one sense it is commendable to be so adamant and steadfast in maintaining ones conviction. The part that keeps bothering me though is, when did he firm up these feelings, before he admitted to killing Tracy or after?

You see, if one kills another and then tries to cover it up and make it appear as natural cause or something else, it would indicate to any reasonable person that the accused does know right from wrong and does not want to get caught. Somewhere this fact of Latimer’s case is continually being left out. In reading the Supreme Court ruling on the appeals, the fact of Latimer’s attempt to cover this up is a major part of the continued denial of appeal.

Not with standing all of Robert Latimer’s misguided actions, I do believe that he was doing what he thought was best for Tracy. As a father he could not stand to see her suffer any longer. However there is a fine line between his own feelings and that which he thinks Tracy must have been going through. Unfortunately she could not speak for herself.

Keeping Latimer in prison will not cause him to reconsider his actions or change his view on what occurred. He poses no great threat to society, though there are varying views of this. I think what most fail to consider, is that this is not about the injustice to Robert Latimer or the suffering of his daughter Tracy. It is about the law and the greater implications of how a lessor sentence or exceptional consideration would affect future jurisprudence in the area of life sentences and in the area of other cases of severe disability that may arise.

If Robert Latimer had been charged and convicted of manslaughter, he would have been out of prison long ago and probably long forgotten. However, he could not be charged with manslaughter. His plan and the eventual carrying out of the deed indicated he had every intention of killing Tracy. In most civilized countries that is murder and if it is planned and premeditated, it is 1st degree murder, which Latimer was charged with. The fact that the conviction was reduced to 2nd degree murder gives rise to the view that he was given consideration and it was mitigated somewhat by the fact that he did not appear malicious in his actions. The aggravating factor was his attempt to cover up the whole thing in the beginning. He may have never confessed had an autopsy not reveled the presence of carbon monoxide in Tracy’s system.

Robert Latimer is in many ways a victim of his own folly. He appears to be trying to make a case for euthanasia and justifiable homicide in circumstances such as his. There are many that support that view, others that feel the law should provide differently then they did in this case. There may be some merit for that discussion. I don’t personally share that view, but it is great to live in a country where we can have different viewpoints and discuss them openly.

It would appear to me that Latimer does not have counsel at this time…noting from the many trees he has killed in his correspondence to just about every political and justice figure he can find. He has picked a fight with the Supreme Court of Canada, that I can assure him…he will not win. He fails to understand what the role of the court is.

There is an old proverb someplace, not sure if it’s origin, but the truth in it is, (with a slight twist…) : The man who choses to defend himself, has a fool for a lawyer.

Under the Knife, part two

Well, it’s been about four months since my knee surgery and since I’ve posted anything. The knee replacement went ok, (I guess?)…It hasn’t totally healed yet. I can get around ok and have pretty good range and flex, but it is sore and tends to swell from time to time, (as I was told it would). The Doc says 5-6 months, but really a whole year before it’s finished the healing process.

I was six days in the hospital. I had a spinal and femoral block on my left knee, followed by a cocktail of happy juice through an IV drip. I was in and out through the operation. At one point I recall much noise in the form of sawing, banging, (hammer on metal) and then realizing it was me that all this noise was about…..I didn’t much care, as the whole process seemed to be totally detached from me. Then I came around again when they were sewing me up. When they were finished, someone lifted my leg up for me to see their handy work, and again it was total detachment as I could feel nothing. It could have been anyone’s leg.

I was fine….until the spinal and block wore off. I was on a morphine drip and pump that kept pain in check , but they took that away after the second day and tried to control pain with T3’s. That didn’t work too well, as I couldn’t get enough of them. so, they tried percicet…very good, but after about 12-14 hours it made me sick as a dog. Back to T3’s, gravol etc.. This part of the hospital stay was something I could have done without and I was ever so glad to get home. It took another week before I could eat and function properly and another month beyond that to get the events of the last 3 days in hospital completly out of my body and soul. It took a full two months before I was sleeping a full night and not requiring pain medication

In any event, I started phsyio 2 weeks after my surgery, which went on for 10 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday. Crutches, canes, upstairs, downstairs, driving for the first time, first golf swing, (ouch!). It all seems to be a blur, but I had to go through it all. However, every thing seems to be healing on track. I’ve had two x-rays and seen my surgeon twice and he is happy…so that makes me happy!

This type of knee, Zirconium Mobile Bearing is what it says, somewhat mobile, as opposed to other conventional knee replacements that are not. The little plastic insert between the tibia and femor prothsetic in my knee actually moves around like the meniscus in a healthy knee. In the conventional knee replacement this insert is stationary. Consequently, this one, (mine) takes a little longer to heal. My surgeon tells me it take up to a year for it to settle in with the tissue around it, but will function more like a natural knee joint. I had brought up the topic, because I was having some pain issues that seemed unusual…..I thought the whole thing was coming apart and I had screwed up with too much activity. He, (surgeon) assured me everything was ok…he would see me in about a year. I feel much relieved.

I may have more to comment about this contraption replacing my left knee later, but I am pleased with it so far. I don’t have the deep knee pain I was experiencing in years past, so that is good. Now if I can just get my golf swing working……..