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First off, I want to thank all my matelot chums who have contributed to my RCN web pages. It just wouldn’t be the same without your input. My own collection of stuff would get boring after awhile, so regular input is great. Thanks so much…

Well I guess we have history in the making South of the 49th. I don’t think there’s much doubt that it will likely be a Democratic President, so either a Clinton or Obama. You may note I said “a” Clinton. That wasn’t a typo…I’m sure you get my drift. I don’t know about you, but when I say “Obama” I have to think whether I’m saying his first name or last name…

We wait up here in the frozen tundra with great anticipation for the results. Looks like McCain will be the Republican nominee. The issues will be many and certainly US forign policy and the war are the ones that affects us all, globally. Not withstanding, US economy, which seems to be in the tank just now….

I think health care will be a biggy for US folks. I just can’t understand why they have believed all the BS about single payer, government systems. The health care lobby is so powerful. The candidates are really just dancing around the health care issues and their personal solution. What it looks like on this side of the border, is that they are trying to make sure they don’t piss anybody off and still appear to have a solution….nice dance , but without the right music it’s just noise and extraneous movement.

It boggles the mind.

Thats about it for now…..