Robert Latimer Free on Day Parole

It was bound to happen, Latimer out on day parole. There isn’t too much more to be said about this sad situation, but it does warrant just a few comments about what has occurred here.

Robert Latimer did murder his 12 year old daughter Tracy, who suffered from a severe form of cerebral palsy. He did plan it for several weeks in advance and did carry it out when his wife and other children were at church, by asphyxiation. His wife did not know about it or that it was about to happen. He denied his crime originally and later confessed, when he miscalculated that an autopsy would likely indicate that something other then what he said happened may be discovered. He was originally charged with first degree murder, that was later reduced to second degree and sentenced to life in prison.

Since the confession, he has been consistent in his belief that he did it because of the pain and suffering she was going through. Latimer feels absolutely no remorse and does not acknowledge that he has done anything wrong.

Now for the great irony of this, which epitomises the great freedom and liberty we all enjoy….Latimer has requested, (and it has been granted) to be placed in a half-way house in the Ottawa region, so he can lobby for the rights of others such as himself to be able to do what he did with impunity.

This is best summed up with a quote from an Editorial of the Winnipeg Free Press, February 29, 2008: A Line Crossed, (last paragraph),

Giving Mr. Latimer parole trivializes the enormity of his crime. It is a disservice not just to the disabled, but to all Canadians and an ugly redefinition of the nature of our society, raising the prospect that the line that separates sympathy and empathy has been crossed“.