About Me

Not really sure how to describe myself……My name is Bill Featherstone. I was born in 1943, in Calgary, AB. Canada. I served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1960 through 1970. I probably would have made a career out of it, but the family business back in Alberta beckoned, which didn’t work out.  My background was in electronic technology, which ultimately developed into a career at Manitoba Hydro. I retired in 1999, the last 10-12 years being on staff with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2034. In that time, I had a small career change through a three year Labour Studies program at the  University of Manitoba. This  included studies in the history of labour/management process, up to the current practice. General and world economics studies and Canadian government and  political history. The final year included study in labour law, Canadian Labour Code and Manitoba Labour Code. I am married, three children and three grandchildren. I have recently returned to University of Manitoba to pursue a degree in Political Science

That’s the condensed version. Over the many years of many experiences, I have developed an affinity for most things political and somewhat left of centre. I follow and enjoy the process of law and legal jurisprudence. I’m empathetic for the downtrodden and those with less opportunity. I believe in equal rights for ALL and I am against all forms of racism. I will fight hard against any  discrimination, except when bona fide and justified.

There’s likely more to add, but that pretty much puts me on some continuum of some course or direction.