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Maclean’s and Winnipeg Racism

The prompting for this blog, was Manitoba Tory leader, Brian Pallister’s chime in and rejection of Maclean’s article about Winnipeg being the most racist of Canadian cities, ( WFP, A10,  January 24, 2015) Not his experience…he says! How would he know? Not exactly related, but it goes to the voracity of one of his more infamous  public comments….this is the same Brian Pallister that remarked on December 2, 2013 …”wishing all you infidel atheists” (happy holidays).  In todays article he ends by saying he will be proposing some solutions to the problem, (racism I presume, though he never mentions it) closer to the next provincial election, some 15 months from now. How convenient and enlightening! I would also presume he will have Gord Steeves head up this task force?

Whether Maclean’s was correct in their conclusion is hardly the point. That three dozen local leaders from various backgrounds, (not Pallister or Steeves) came together with Mayor Brian Bowman on Thursday, January 22, 2014,  committing to finding some solutions….is the point.

When people make reactionary negative comments about obvious events in front of their faces and use derogatory language to categorize others….they will never be part of the solution. They are only part of the problem.

Ford Bros. Tragedy

I have been waiting for the gong show in Toronto to slow down or stop before commenting about the Ford brothers, and ongoing antics…..however it appears that it will not be ending  anytime too soon. I may as well jump in.  Clearly Rob Ford was showing all the indicators of someone with profound societal and physiological issues, brought on by the chemical warfare going on in his body.  His biggest obstacle in dealing with these issues had been his denial.

The latest instalment of this saga, he and brother Doug trade places on the mayoralty ballot….Doug loses his bid for the top job in Toronto and Rob is back on council. Now with the big “C” to deal with, Rob has taken a back seat to deal with this new health concern in his life.

My wish is that he would find what is required to get well in all facets of his life. This is a sad story. You couldn’t make this up and it reads like a soap.

It is easy to be snide and throw trash at the Ford brothers, but the sad reality is,  that it is a tragedy. I doubt that either of their families are finding this all that funny.  The person of main concern here is Rob Ford. He has been and continues to be supported, (good) and enabled, (not so good)  by his brother Doug. The whole of Canada is somewhat dismayed and embarrassed by the public spectacle of what has been going on. And yet, here is the ultimate tragedy of it all……neither of these Ford brothers seem to care.

One can only hope that at some point someone with collateral in their lives will be able to say, “Stop!” At this point, there doesn’t appear to be anyone in either family willing or able to be that person.