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Installed migration plugin and presto! found my old blog on Google and migrated it over…..Some of these go back a few years! Oh well….. I’ll leave them, as that was what I was thinking at that time.

There are  many new things to hash over…I’ll get to them soon. This platform seems to work so much better, for access and posting.

On the way….

Okay….done some of the edits and changes to make this more friendly.  Not quite ready to get into the thick of it, but that will happen in due course. Just want to get started now….


RCN Web Pages…other stuff

First off, I want to thank all my matelot chums who have contributed to my RCN web pages. It just wouldn’t be the same without your input. My own collection of stuff would get boring after awhile, so regular input is great. Thanks so much…

Well I guess we have history in the making South of the 49th. I don’t think there’s much doubt that it will likely be a Democratic President, so either a Clinton or Obama. You may note I said “a” Clinton. That wasn’t a typo…I’m sure you get my drift. I don’t know about you, but when I say “Obama” I have to think whether I’m saying his first name or last name…

We wait up here in the frozen tundra with great anticipation for the results. Looks like McCain will be the Republican nominee. The issues will be many and certainly US forign policy and the war are the ones that affects us all, globally. Not withstanding, US economy, which seems to be in the tank just now….

I think health care will be a biggy for US folks. I just can’t understand why they have believed all the BS about single payer, government systems. The health care lobby is so powerful. The candidates are really just dancing around the health care issues and their personal solution. What it looks like on this side of the border, is that they are trying to make sure they don’t piss anybody off and still appear to have a solution….nice dance , but without the right music it’s just noise and extraneous movement.

It boggles the mind.

Thats about it for now…..

Under the Knife, part two

Well, it’s been about four months since my knee surgery and since I’ve posted anything. The knee replacement went ok, (I guess?)…It hasn’t totally healed yet. I can get around ok and have pretty good range and flex, but it is sore and tends to swell from time to time, (as I was told it would). The Doc says 5-6 months, but really a whole year before it’s finished the healing process.

I was six days in the hospital. I had a spinal and femoral block on my left knee, followed by a cocktail of happy juice through an IV drip. I was in and out through the operation. At one point I recall much noise in the form of sawing, banging, (hammer on metal) and then realizing it was me that all this noise was about…..I didn’t much care, as the whole process seemed to be totally detached from me. Then I came around again when they were sewing me up. When they were finished, someone lifted my leg up for me to see their handy work, and again it was total detachment as I could feel nothing. It could have been anyone’s leg.

I was fine….until the spinal and block wore off. I was on a morphine drip and pump that kept pain in check , but they took that away after the second day and tried to control pain with T3’s. That didn’t work too well, as I couldn’t get enough of them. so, they tried percicet…very good, but after about 12-14 hours it made me sick as a dog. Back to T3’s, gravol etc.. This part of the hospital stay was something I could have done without and I was ever so glad to get home. It took another week before I could eat and function properly and another month beyond that to get the events of the last 3 days in hospital completly out of my body and soul. It took a full two months before I was sleeping a full night and not requiring pain medication

In any event, I started phsyio 2 weeks after my surgery, which went on for 10 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday. Crutches, canes, upstairs, downstairs, driving for the first time, first golf swing, (ouch!). It all seems to be a blur, but I had to go through it all. However, every thing seems to be healing on track. I’ve had two x-rays and seen my surgeon twice and he is happy…so that makes me happy!

This type of knee, Zirconium Mobile Bearing is what it says, somewhat mobile, as opposed to other conventional knee replacements that are not. The little plastic insert between the tibia and femor prothsetic in my knee actually moves around like the meniscus in a healthy knee. In the conventional knee replacement this insert is stationary. Consequently, this one, (mine) takes a little longer to heal. My surgeon tells me it take up to a year for it to settle in with the tissue around it, but will function more like a natural knee joint. I had brought up the topic, because I was having some pain issues that seemed unusual…..I thought the whole thing was coming apart and I had screwed up with too much activity. He, (surgeon) assured me everything was ok…he would see me in about a year. I feel much relieved.

I may have more to comment about this contraption replacing my left knee later, but I am pleased with it so far. I don’t have the deep knee pain I was experiencing in years past, so that is good. Now if I can just get my golf swing working……..

Under The Knife

Two days till the knife… On Thursday, April 6 at 6:15 AM, my surgeon and I have an appointment for him to put a whole bunch of new parts in my left knee. (Total knee replacement).

What is a bit disconcerting, is that I’m actually looking forward to this procedure. Perhaps this is not a new phenomenon with knee surgery patients. After many years of various therapies and other surgery, (scoping) and little relief….anything that may change that seems ok to me.

I was originally on a waiting list, that looked like about 2 years away, but I was called 3 weeks ago…just 16 months into the wait. Activities other then physiotherapy will have to be curtailed this summer, though I am shooting for the end of July as my first post surgery round of golf.

My new parts are reputed to be state of the art. Zirconium Mobile Bearing, is the name of this new contraption that will make my knee articulate without pain, (hopefully). I will keep this blog posted as to my progress through the wilderness of new and wonderful inventions.

The cause of the bad knee? I have no real idea. Both knees are a little wonky and have been for many years. I started having knee issues back in my navy “daze”, so who knows what or where!! The left knee became rather chronic about 7 years ago and as mentioned …just got worse. The right knee is a bit of a problem too, but for now it will serve as the other post to hold me up and get me through some physiotherapy…. and then we’ll see if I go on another “list”!

To be continued……