Under The Knife

Two days till the knife… On Thursday, April 6 at 6:15 AM, my surgeon and I have an appointment for him to put a whole bunch of new parts in my left knee. (Total knee replacement).

What is a bit disconcerting, is that I’m actually looking forward to this procedure. Perhaps this is not a new phenomenon with knee surgery patients. After many years of various therapies and other surgery, (scoping) and little relief….anything that may change that seems ok to me.

I was originally on a waiting list, that looked like about 2 years away, but I was called 3 weeks ago…just 16 months into the wait. Activities other then physiotherapy will have to be curtailed this summer, though I am shooting for the end of July as my first post surgery round of golf.

My new parts are reputed to be state of the art. Zirconium Mobile Bearing, is the name of this new contraption that will make my knee articulate without pain, (hopefully). I will keep this blog posted as to my progress through the wilderness of new and wonderful inventions.

The cause of the bad knee? I have no real idea. Both knees are a little wonky and have been for many years. I started having knee issues back in my navy “daze”, so who knows what or where!! The left knee became rather chronic about 7 years ago and as mentioned …just got worse. The right knee is a bit of a problem too, but for now it will serve as the other post to hold me up and get me through some physiotherapy…. and then we’ll see if I go on another “list”!

To be continued……